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Kids Giving Kids Charity

Kids giving kids charity says a great deal about our kids today. One of the most rewarding and unselfish aspects of the holidays is the ability to give to charitable organizations. Kids need only look around at the homeless and sick children in our country to realize how fortunate they are to have everything they need, while others are lucky to have one meal a day. This is the time for children and charity to come together.

Kids giving kids charity either through school programs such as Toys For Tots is an admirable gesture of love and selflessness. Most children do not realize what they have until they witness another child wanting. A donation of one or two toys can make all the difference in a child's life. It is important to get your kids involved, no matter how small, in the charitable field. The exposure to others who have very little is a lesson every child should learn and understand. Kids helping kids can produce adults aiding adults.

Viewing kids from other countries or seeing them on the streets allows your kids to truly relate to the problems these poor kids face. Take your kids to a children’s hospital; or explain to them what homeless shelters are and who lives in them; and help them understand the need for kids giving kids charity. Certainly, any of the programs in their school which involve helping the recent victims of Katrina is one example of how giving to others can leave a lasting impression on both the giver and receiver.

Make kids giving kids charity a part of your family life by asking your kids to choose one favorite toy to be given to a child in the hospital every year. Check your local charitable organizations, who can also provide you with names of hospitals and other local chapters where your kids can make donations. It is so important for them to understand what poverty really is, and the impact it has on other children. No book or TV program can instill in them how fortunate they are.

Finally, once your kids giving kids charity has occurred, they will most likely give to charitable organizations for the rest of their lives. Children and charity work is not only rewarding, but teaches kids the value of what they have, and the responsibility they owe to others less fortunate.

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